ui/ux redesign for medical tourism startup

ui/ux design | growth strategy

MedAdvisor is a startup based in Sweden that connects patients to affordable healthcare solutions around the world, particularly outside the United States. The PaaS company aggregates data on medical procedures offered by partner clinics, browsable by various filters. 


TOOLS & Methods:

Paper prototyping
Website builder (Wix)
Client Interview
User testing


2 months (October - November 2017)
Team of 3


  • Inconsistent content offering across each page
  • Unclear structure
We would like more website traffic and we would like to enhance the UX for more new visits and more repeat visits. Given the current outlook, we continue to add more content and relevant data to the website. We have a signup form, however, we believe consumers would not be ready to sign up yet until there is a strong value proposition.
— Anthony Hartley, Founder of MedAdvisor


MedAdvisor Framework

All of these elements affect credibility and professional appearance of MedAdvisor. 

information architecture

The current MedAdvisor site organizes its content in the following structure:

MedAdvisor Structure

The red dotted lines indicate inconsistent content (only present in few, random pages). Some issues the team identified for this structure: 

  • Very difficult to find a specified content
  • Very difficult to expect what to see on each page

Categorized all the issues using the following framework:

Screen Shot 2560-12-23 at 9.54.46 PM.png

This new structure connects the content into a loop that follows user logic. 


Conducted benchmark research with other top service search engines such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, HomeAdvisor, and Google Reviews.

Sketch - Homepage Design.png

product usability test

Conducted a usability test with 5 new users, and observed the following results:

  • Reduced number of clicks to reach specific content
  • Reduced time taken to reach specific content

More details coming soon!

FINAL deliverable

Using Wix, my team and I created a high-fidelity mockup of the redesigned UI for MedAdvisor. View the live site here.


 - Coming soon -